The Blackstone Campaign

The Black Ridge

New Trouble in Old Dungeons

[Placing the Campaign on Obsidian in media res] The party ventured to the northwesernmost corner of the Dells in response to a message from Sir Robanar, a paladin from Whitedell Abbey. After meeting with the mage Aldadius, counselor to the Lord of Botkinburg, the ventured across an old stone bridge made during the Emerald Empire. After a skirmish with goblins the party found the ruins of a stone tower and a hidden path. After lurking about they follow an ogre along the hidden path – but the ogre vanishes. After scouting they find a hidden entrance to an old underground watchpost overlooking the river. After a fierce fight, they slay the ogre and recover a map of various goblin camps. After recovering the party was able to slip into another underground fortress, this time full of goblins. With good scouting on the part of Stardust and the use of a Least Fireball by Ember they party was able to slay many goblins without alerting the rest of the complex. Doomsman and the rest struggled with a gnoll and a flind who were in the process of unloading dwarven spirits from a wagon, but prevailed. After finding a barracks compound with a large force of goblins – too many for the party to face. In an inspired bit, the party placed the spirit-laden wagon near the opening and set it afire. The resulting explosion was quite impressive, but the smoke drove the adventurers away. After retreating to camp in a hidden gully the part saw a lot of movement. While attempting to attack one group of goblins they were ambushed by another and surrounded by the surviving goblins (including the chieftain and three shamen). The resulting fight was very tough, but the party was able to wipe out the goblins.


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